Higrotek provide various services to lubricant users in Southern Africa:Educational presentations are done on request at customers’ facilities, whilst more generic training on condition monitoring and relevant technologies is done in Johannesburg, South Africa.Once the presence of varnish precursors in a customer’s lubs is confirmed by an independent laboratory, lubricant users are advised on risks and remedies.  Recommended action can vary from in-service removal of varnish, to drainage of the lubricant and/or usage of the lub as a system cleaning aid before replacement.Varnish removal technologies can either be purchased by the customer and installed permanently on a critical machine, or rotated between varies machines with lesser varnish forming potential.  Alternatively Higrotek renders a “pay for results” varnish removal service, where customers only pay for the successful removal of varnish – either once-off or on a recurring basis under contract.  Customers may also involve Higrotek in their Lubricant Condition Monitoring programs for complete expert assistance in training, optimal service intervals, interpretation of test results, and more.


Higrotek, backed by Fluitec’s international team of expertise, supports lubricant test labs, power generation companies, mining and heavy industrial customers with rotating equipment, as well as industrial lubrication suppliers.

Recommended labs in Southern Africa

  • Wearcheck SA (RULER and MPC/varnish tests) Daan +27 31 700 5460
  • SGS Emoyeni Qualitest (RULER and MPC/varnish tests) Mark +27 18 285 7027
  • Oilwatch (MPC/Varnish tests) Dave +27 83 792 6655