Training Seminar

A 1-day Training Seminar with international presenter was held in Midrand, South Africa on 10 September 2013; covering from ground level lubricant condition monitoring to value added by understanding how lubes degrade, it’s Remaining Useful Live as measured through individual antioxidant counts, right through to deposit forming tendencies or varnish potential, and an in-depth understanding of how to extend the life of your fluids and improving system reliability.

Attendees have learned from international specialists about best practices, latest technologies in the world of industrial lubricants, and manufacturer recommendations.

The next Seminar is planned for the second quarter of 2014 and will be confirmed closer to time.


Technology Demonstration

Higrotek seeks to perform a technology demonstration on a heavily varnished rotating compressor in the South African mining industry. The demonstration shall be free of charge and with the full benefits accruing to the participating company. For more information, find below an invitation to all mining companies in South Africa, including information on Condition Monitoring, Varnish and detail of the Demonstration.